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About Me

I guess this calls for a bit of an introduction and background…

I’m Alex! I’m a part-time Computer Science undergrad on my last semester and an intern at a Fortune 500 company working on a DOT contract.

I work with Linux, a lot, both personally and professionally. My personal time is spent doing wacky projects or learning new things. I’ve made my own distribution before, but for the most part, I just work on Fedora/EL-based systems.

I also dabble in programming languages and projects. I know C, but I am trying to get a better understanding of it in the context of all things UNIX. I’m also learning Swift and Rust on the side. The Swift part is more of a hobby in the hopes of making some cool iOS/macOS stuff. The Rust part is that in the event we ever enter the 21st century at work, I’m ready for it.

I’m privacy-aware. I use Apple products, but I despise anything Google/Meta/Microsoft. I’m slowly even getting off of Apple stuff, but I like how polished the OS is, and Apple Silicon is nice. Asahi is getting there! There are a few more growing pains to get past, but maybe one day I’ll daily drive it.

I’ll try to post here occasionally, and I’ll make sure it’s something interesting. I have a few ideas in the pipeline; it’s just a matter of managing my time better to get them out there.

If you wanna reach out, you can contact me at hello [at] awlsome [dot] com!